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Real Life Story of High-Class Escorts

She carefully dressed herself with a black dress and curled up her red lips in a shy way as she watched herself in the mirror. He would hardly see her dress and appreciate how beautiful she is looking when he would undress her swiftly. He was her client and she is his chosen escort for the day. Using her favorite perfume which she was gifted by him last month from his Paris trip, she went out to see him.

Escort industry is legal in England and so is in Manchester. There are thousands of girls who are willingly or unwilling a part of this industry. Yet, there are growing number of girls who are willingly trading in their body. Yes, we are talking about High-end and Elite Manchester Escorts.

Meet 26 years old Alison, a student of the prestigious university in Manchester. Even before completing her studies, she found a perfect job that allows her handsome amount of money and convenient timings for work. “I belong to a working-class family and couldn’t afford a lavish lifestyle like business class people, so I choose this profession to utilize my free time to earn some bucks,” tells Alison.

She further added, we unfortunately live in a society that is biased and judgemental. They respect the people as per their profession. Professions like doctors, engineers and scholars get huge amount of respect, while painters and dancers are seen with a biased opinion.

Similarly, 24 years old Natasha working as a retail agent has the same story. Ever since completing her studies and getting a job she was never satisfied with her income. With this income she never could buy the things she always desired for. “One of my friends (who already active in this profession) given me a chance to meet few people who operate escorts business in Manchester, and that’s how I made it into this profession. I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of money I started earning through offering my services to the needy men of the society,” she stated.

Alison and Natasha both are minting extra cash than what they may have imagined ever. But both are now started worried about their emotional as well as mental health. They know this profession extensively demand the youth and beauty, so their concern is what will happen when they will start to age with the time.

As per them, the focus is now to earn as much money as they can. The money earned by them is spending on expenses like car EMI and house EMI. They are smart enough to save money for their future investment. That’s what they think, the money they are saving will be used for future when they are out of this profession and looking for some new ventures. They further added, it’s hard to explain this to family and friends, so they are happy to keep it secret for few more years.  If you also need a Manchester escorts jobs visit our agency website or call us today we are hiring in all North West.